June 18th-July 16th - Pathways - St.Michael's Gallery, Melbourne

27th April -6th June - Musings of a journey man - Yarra Valley, Australia 


Musings of a journey man

For UK artist Oliver Ashworth -Martin, the Australian landscape’s vastness and abundance of life evokes a sublime connection with nature, and so Musings of a journeyman is as much a personal exploration of a uniquely Australian expression of the sublime as it is a communion with nature through objects found scattered across the landscape. In Ashworth-Martin’s works, native seeds and pods express nature’s unfathomable complexity and her cycles of renewal. Represented in isolation and transcending their natural scale , these inspiring forms exist autonomously, and yet their individuality still bears the traces of their connection to a greater whole: to the tree, to the forest, to the sky and to the void . As such these life -bearing vessels act as doorways that open into nature’s unknown and unknowable depths.