My artistic practice is deeply inspired by the natural world, this is explored through a cross disciplinary practice of painting, sculpture and drawing. 

Originally from the UK I now live and work as an artist in Australia. Since living in this ancient land I have become extremely drawn to the native seed pods of Australia, and they have become a central theme in my work. Not only do they house and protect the multitude of new life, they also symbolise nature’s continuous renewal and growth. Our natural world is an endless flow of life coming into form, moving through form and leaving form.

My work naturally references the early western explores and botanists, who documented nature practically and objectively, but failed to reflect and represent the unfathomable complexity and depth of our natural world, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Instead I use the teachings and philosophies of our shamanic cultures to explore a deeper connection with my natural surroundings. Working with these concepts allows my practice to explore both the form and the formless intelligence present in nature. No matter what is removed there will always be another layer of truth waiting to be revealed.

My practice as an artist is an attempt to get back to a communion with nature, back to a knowledge and respect for our environment that our ancestors knew and that we have forgotten. Only through a deeper communication with our surroundings can we find our way back to our true being, one that sees us part of an ever-changing landscape of the form and the formless.




1986   Cotswolds, UK


2005-08   BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture Cardiff School of Art & Design, UK

2004-05   Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Stroud College, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2017    Works in progress, OTR Gallery, Grampians, Australia

2017   Nothing Lost, West End Art Space Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2017   Pathways, St.Michael's Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2017   Musings of a Journey Man, Yering Station Gallery, Australia

2017   Form-Formless, Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2016   Trinity, Stroud house Gallery, UK 


2018    Finalist - Sculpture Award 2018, Yering Station/Yarra Valley, Australia

2018   Albert Park Art Show 2018, Australia

2018   Inhabitants, Gasworks Art show, Australia

2018   The Other Art Fair 2018, Melbourne, Australia

2018    Untitled, Traffic Jam Gallery, NSW, Australia

2018    Finalist - Scenic World Sculpture Award 2018, NSW, Australia

2018 Finalist - Bonanza 2018, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Australia

2017    Sculpture Award 2017, Yering Station/Yarra Valley, Australia

2017    Finalist - Sculpture Award 2017, Yering Station/Yarra Valley, Australia

2017   Behind the Scenes, Gasworks art park Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2017 Finalist - Bonanza 2017, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Australia

2017   The Other Art Fair 2017, Melbourne, Australia

2016   Finalist - Australia Wild, Sherbrooke Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2016   Albert Park Art Show 2016, Australia

2016   The Sacred, Aberglasney House Gallery, Wales


2018    Winner of the Acquisition Award ‘Best in Show’, APC Art Show, Melbourne, Australia

2018    Highly Commended Award, Scenic World Sculpture Exhibition, Blue Mountains, Australia

2017    Winner of Contemporary Sculptor's Association Award, Bonanza, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Australia

2016   Highly Commended Traditional Botanical, Australia wild, Sherbrooke Gallery, Australia

Artist Residency

2017   ‘Off the Rails’ artist in residence (three weeks), Dunkeld, Australia


2008-14   Production Manager and collaborating artist at Tom Price Studios, UK


2017    ABC South West Radio, Interview with Emily Bissland

2017    ArtsHub online Article

2016   Art Reveal Magazine, UK

2016   Sacred Art, BBC online, UK