My sculptural practice is a further exploration into the form and formless experience of our reality. Our world is an endless flow of life coming into form, moving through form and leaving form. This is often expressed within my practice through the formation and removal of material, symbolising nature's ephemerality and inevitable entropy. I am fascinated with the hidden complexity and depth of nature, through a process of uncovering and tracing my sculptural practice is bringing the inside of nature outside and mirroring it back to us, revealing what is often hidden from our mind's eye.

My sculptural practice seeks to re-awaken a fascination with our physical natural world. When we become aware and mindful of our environment we see that “what has always seemed so natural reveals how wondrously supernatural it is” (Frederick Franck, The Zen of Seeing).


The Immortals - sculpture series

Achondrite - sculpture series

Traces - sculpture series

Transcended Void - sculpture series